Munchkin Baby Inflatable Bathtub Non-Slip (1.5kg)

POSTAGE: RM12 (sm) / RM20 (ss)

Material: PVC material imported environmental protection
Age: infants less than 24 months
Expand Size: 94 * 57 * 23cm
Color: Blue / White
Shape: Oval
Accessories: With Pump
Use: occasions: home, bathroom, swimming pool, beach 

PVC inflatable products belong to thermal expansion and contraction products, product dimensions allow 3 ~ 5cm error range.Pro after receiving the product, do not open the inflatable busy, the first product is placed at 50 degrees around the water to soak for about 10 minutes, until the product can be used to soften.When inflated to the product, please do not pay attention to touch sharp objects;
Because PVC products will smell the baby before use shower gel or shampoo against some water, wipe with a cloth products, and then wipe the product placed on ventilated place to dry the product.

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